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Guidelines on the use of the Self-Reflection Tool (SRT)

  1. The tool is designed for teachers to reflect on the draft document "Professional Standards for Teachers of Hong Kong". Teachers are encouraged to read the document before using the tool for self-reflection.
  2. Data and results generated by the tool should ONLY be used as reference for professional development planning for teachers and schools.
  3. (i) Teacher's Interface
  4. (ii) Instruction for completion
    1. Please read the stage descriptors under each standard and choose the most accurate/ appropriate sentence that describes yourself in that aspect.
    2. For some descriptors, elaborations are inserted for better illustration.
    3. Stage Descriptors in "Competent" and "Distinguished" are cumulative and cover those in "Threshold" and/ or "Competent".
    4. Where an accurate/ appropriate descriptor is not available, you can choose the stage you belong to and edit the descriptors to substantiate your choice.
    5. Complete all items.
  5. After reading the results, teachers are encouraged to fill in "My CPD Plan" for further professional development.